Origins in the Insurance Industry

During that time, he became increasingly disenchanted with the insurance companies, which only seemed interested in reducing the amount of money awarded to injured individuals.

Preferred to Represent Victims

Fed up with working on the corporate side of the insurance equation, Roger Tomalas established The Tomalas Law Firm to focus solely on the rights of the injured and leverage his knowledge of the inner workings of the insurance industry to maximize settlements for injury victims. As a result, we regularly enjoy the satisfaction of helping people with legitimate claims obtain fair and just compensation.

Success Both in and out of Court

In over than 30 years as personal injury lawyers, The Tomalas Law Firm has collected more than $60 million dollars from insurance companies for individuals like you. Their expertise ranges from settlements – including resolution of cases that have stagnated with other lawyers – to full-blown court trials.

A Personal Approach

The Tomalas Law Firm offers personal representation to each and every client. Either Roger or Ryan Tomalas conduct initial interviews and together they handle the case all the way through settlement or trial. Roger or Ryan Tomalas attend depositions, keep clients updated on their cases and never shuffle their clients off to someone who is not an attorney. To further assist their clients and others, Roger Tomalas created "The Basic Guide to Insurance Coverage, Personal Injury Law and the Legal System", a helpful tool for consumers attempting to understand and navigate the insurance claim puzzle.

Dedicated to Clients

Hundreds of people who have suffered catastrophic injuries or have tragically lost family members have relied upon The Tomalas Law Firm to aggressively protect their rights and win fair and just settlements. To tap the vast experience of Roger and Ryan Tomalas, contact The Tomalas Law Firm today.