California Attorney Handling Car Accidents Related To Elderly Drivers

In today’s world people are living longer, healthier and more productive lives due to advances in medicine, healthcare and nutrition. Regardless of how healthy someone may be and feel there are certain senses, abilities and skills that diminish as someone advances in age. These senses can be sight, hearing, alertness and reaction time, all of which are necessary to safely operate a motor vehicle in California. While it is admirable that elderly people want to maintain their independence, driving after a certain point can place other drivers and pedestrians in danger. If you have been injured in a California auto accident that was caused by an elderly driver you may be entitled to medical benefits and other compensation. Call a California Elderly Driver Caused Car Accident Lawyer today to discuss your claim.

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Signs Of Impaired Or Diminished Driving Skills

Certain motor skills become reduced as someone ages. Motor skills and cognitive abilities that can hinder driving abilities as they diminish are:

Driving Unnecessarily Slow
Slowed Reaction Time
Fear Of Driving Faster
Reluctance To Drive On The Freeway
Impaired Hearing And Eyesight

While elderly drivers may think that exhibiting some of these behaviors may make them better, safer and more responsible drivers they can actually increase the risk of an accident on a California road, highway or interstate.

Compensation And Damages Awarded In California Car Accidents

The actual circumstances and details surrounding your California Auto Accident will determine what types of compensation and benefits you may be entitled to. Common damages awarded in California Automobile Accident Lawsuits may be: financial compensation, current medical benefits, future medical benefits, lost wages and pain and suffering compensation. Working with a skilled and experienced California Car Accident Law Firm will ensure you obtain all compensation and benefits available to you.

Contact A California Automobile Accident Law Firm

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