Passenger Van Accident Lawyers In California

Passenger vans are typically used by various types of agencies, companies and organizations in California. If you take a shuttle to the airport, have a scheduled outing related to a school or work related event or have hired a limousine service to take you to an event you may be shuttled in a 12 or 15 passenger van. If these vehicles are overloaded with passengers, cargo or are operated in a negligent manner you may be susceptible to being in a California Passenger Van Accident. If you have been hurt or injured in a California Passenger Van Accident contact a skilled and experienced California Commercial Vehicle Accident Law Firm.

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California Passenger Van Accident Lawyers

The Tomalas Law Firm helps those injured in van accidents caused by various factors including, but not limited to:

  • Van Rollover Accidents Due To Collisions
  • Vans Colliding With Other Vehicles
  • Vans Injuring Pedestrians, Joggers or Bicyclists
  • Driver Negligence Or Error
  • Van Driver Intoxication
  • Van Accidents Caused By Defective Or Unsafe Roads

Determining Liability In A California Passenger Van Accident

There may be several liable parties in a California Passenger Van Accident. The events leading up to the accident will help to establish who is liable. Also, the type of accident, type of van and what you were doing in the van will help to establish liability in the event of an accident. Who is ultimately liable for your injuries is also directly related to what benefits and compensation you may be entitled to per California Auto Accident Liability Law. A skilled California Commercial Van Accident Lawyer will establish all liable parties and make them accountable for your injuries.

Contact A Skilled California Automobile Accident Attorney

Call The California 15 Passenger Van Accident Lawsuit Attorneys at The Tomalas Law Firm to discuss your injuries and any benefits and compensation to which you may be entitled. Roger Tomalas and Ryan Tomalas can be reached at 949-756-8711. You can also email a Newport Beach California Van Accident Law Office here. The Tomalas Law Firm handles commercial vehicle accidents throughout all of Orange County, California.