Intersection Accident Attorneys in Orange County California

Side Impact Crashes, T-Bone accidents or a Right Angle Collisions are common types of automobile accidents that typically occur at intersections. In these types of accidents the front end of the oncoming vehicle smashes into the door or side panel of another forming a 'T', hence the name T-Bone. Depending upon the specific facts and severity of the collision, in juries from side impact accidents can range from relatively minor/moderate to fatal. If you or someone you care for has been injured in a T-Bone accident contact a skilled California Side Impact Collision Accident you should consult with a skilled California car accident lawyer serving all of Orange County.

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Causes of T-Bone Accidents

Careless driving, reckless driving or hurried driving practices are common culprits in Newport Beach side impact accidents. It is not uncommon for the responsible party to not be paying attention to the road at the time of the accident. Some common causes are running a red light, not stopping at a stop sign, texting while driving and internet browsing while driving. Driving under the influence and overall negligent or inattentive driving are also frequent causes of Side Impact Accidents.

Injuries Possibly Caused By Right Angle Collisions

In a T-Bone accident there can be several types of injuries that differ from other types of auto accidents. In a right angle accident a driver or passenger is likely to experience varying degrees of head, neck, shoulder & spinal cord injuries. T-Bone accidents can also cause injuries to the lower extremities, particularly the knee joints and its surrounding structures. This is due to the angle of the impact compared to a head on collision or rear end collision. Also, more severe injuries can occur at lower speeds in these types of accidents due to how a car is designed to crumple in the event of an accident. Also, air bag deployment technology differs slightly in a side impact crash opposed to head-on or rear end crashes. This can effect the severity of an injury as well.

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