Back Injury

A back injury is the common outcome of a vehicle accident or a slip-and-fall accident. Unfortunately, such injuries often have long-term consequences. While the injury itself can result in mild but continuous discomfort to life-altering pain and immobility, the knowledge that it could have been avoided can be challenging as well.

Bike Accidents

Vehicle accidents involving bicycle riders can happen to a person cruising through the neighborhood, pedaling to work or enjoying a strenuous workout. Generally, such incidents can result in serious injury for the bicyclist.

Brain Injury

A brain injury resulting from the reckless actions of another person is doubly challenging. While the injury itself often results in devastating and life-changing consequences for the victim and his or her family, the knowledge that it could have been avoided can be extremely painful. In Southern California, the courts have regularly ruled that the victim of a brain injury is entitled to compensation and the negligent party must be held responsible.

Mass Transit Accidents

A disaster of this magnitude, with so many people killed and injured, presents extraordinary legal complexities and unique legal issues.  There is little question that once the initial shock, pain, sorrow and anger subsides, the families of those who lost loved ones and the “fortunate” passengers who sustained injuries will all seek legal redress for the tremendous pain and loss they have suffered.  The potential for numerous lawsuits as a result of this train crash is extremely high.

Motorcycle Accidents

We know that motorcycle accidents require unique attention. If you have a motorcycle crash in Orange County or anywhere in Southern California, contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney before talking to any insurance company representative. We will discuss the details with you and get the facts straight so that you have the highest chances of receiving a full settlement that you deserve.

Neck Injury

A neck injury sustained in a vehicle accident, commonly known as whiplash, can easily translate into a lifetime of pain and suffering if the victim fails to complete treatment and therapy. As a result, it’s critical to contact an experienced personal injury attorney to ensure an adequate settlement.

Pedestrian Accidents

Vehicle accidents involving pedestrians can happen to a person strolling around the block, walking to a destination or running for exercise. Generally, such incidents can result in serious injury for the unprotected pedestrian.

Products Liability

Every year thousands of people in the United States are injured due to faulty and/or defective products. Unfortunately, these incidents often result in death or very serious injuries. In this type of situation it can be extremely difficult to determine who (person or entity) is responsible for the product defect. The Tomalas Law Firm has extensive experience fighting for compensation on behalf of victims who have been injured due to defective consumer products.

Uninsured Motorists

Uninsured motorist coverage is intended to cover the medical bills, damage, lost wages and pain and suffering resulting from a vehicle accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver. Making such a claim will not increase your premium. Unfortunately, however, insurance companies sometimes deny or delay payment on such claims.

Wrongful Death

There is no greater tragedy in a family than a loved one’s death as the result of an accident or negligent actions. That said, husbands, wives, children and parents may be able to collect hundreds of thousands of dollars for their loss. While such settlements cannot turn back the clock for those suffering, they can provide the funds needed to maintain a family’s financial health.