Do's and Don'ts After an Auto Accident


    Be Polite - Remain courteous and calm when speaking with the other driver.
  • Take Pictures - Be sure to take multiple photographs of all vehicles involved in the collision (including your own).
  • Take Notes - Write down how the accident happened so you don't forget any details. (Try to get the other driver/drivers to sign that sheet of paper.)
  • Get Witness Info - Get the names and contact information of any witness/Good Samaritan that stops or comes to your aid. (Just ask for their business card.)
  • See a Doctor - Get medical care within 24 hours even if you think you're not injured or expect that your complaints will "just go away"!
  • Call The Tomalas Law Firm - Be sure to call us before speaking to any insurance company (even your own). We can help protect you through this intimidating and difficult process.


    Leave the Scene - Check to see if the other driver is okay and notify the police of the crash
  • Admit Fault - Any kind of apology could be viewed as an admission of responsibility
  • Fail to get Documentation - Exchange insurance information and get the driver's name and address
  • Speak to ANY insurance company - You need to be sure that you are protected from saying something that might become a problem for you/your claim down the line (insurance companies are very good at exploiting small things that you say that seem innocent)!
  • Don't Forget to Hire a Lawyer - We can help with the medical bills and various issues that will likely arise. Call The Tomalas Law Firm to assist you!