Summary of Cases

For a sense of the depth and breadth of The Tomalas Law Firm's successful efforts at representing accident injury victims, scroll down for some summaries of recent settlements.

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This e-mail is to thank the Tomalas Law Firm for succeeding in bringing Laura's vicious dog bite lawsuit to a desired close.

Laura's emotional well being was always a concern of Ryan and Roger. This continuing concern was greatly appreciated.

The monetary judgement far exceeded our expectations. We would be glad to talk to anyone with our recommendation about using the Tomalas Law Firm.

Sincerely, Laura and Leon A.

Dear Ryan and Roger,

I didn’t know where to turn for legal help after my horrible automobile accident. Your legal expertise resulted in a settlement of $300,000. I was made to feel “part of the family” and time was taken to answer my questions, no matter how trivial they may have seemed. You all worked very hard to help me and I’m so grateful that I was directed to your offices.

Anne H.

$685K Settlement, Despite a Signed Liability Release Form

The family of Tony M., a 9-year-old boy who was killed in a horseback riding incident, received a settlement of $685,000 from the riding stable, despite the fact that Tony’s father had signed a release that excused the stable from any liability.

$320k from the State of California

Patricia H. fractured her wrist when her vehicle was struck by a California Highway Patrol cruiser. She received a $320,000 settlement from the State of California, which provides a guaranteed monthly income for the rest of her life.

$4.6 Million, Plus an Additional $950k Settlement

William M., a 45-year-old executive, suffered brain damage following a heart attack due to a malfunction in his home security system which prohibited his wife from calling 911. Roger Tomalas and his co-counsel were able to prove that the malfunction of the system delayed response of the paramedics by 3 minutes. Although William survived the heart attack, he was unable to return to work. Although another law firm had represented William for 4 years, the initial settlement offer was $250 because of a provision in the security company’s contract. Roger Tomalas and his co-counsel eliminated the effect of that provision before the case proceeded to trial. A jury in Orange County awarded William and his wife $4.6 million in damages against the home security company. In addition, after the jury verdict, a second case was filed against the manufacturer of portion of the security system that failed, which resulted in a settlement of an additional $950,000 for William and his wife.

$230k Settlement After Being Hit by Car

John G., an 81-year-old man, fractured his right leg when he was struck by a vehicle as he was crossing the street in front of his home. He received a settlement of $230,000, which has allowed him to hire household help so he could continue to live in his own home.

$100k Settlement after Car Accident

Peter D., a tow-truck operator, was in the process of impounding a vehicle, when the owner of the vehicle attempted to drive the vehicle off of the tow truck. Peter, who was struck by the vehicle and injured both knees, received a $100,000 settlement.

$565k Settlement from Building Code Violation

Fern C., an 83-year-old woman, struck her head and suffered brain damage when she slipped while walking down the stairs of a restaurant. Although there were no eyewitnesses, Roger Tomalas reached a settlement of $565,000 after proving that the absence of handrails violated the building code that was in existence when the restaurant was built 20 years earlier.

$189k Cross-State Settlement

Nancy S. was injured in an accident while visiting her son in California. The insurance company for the person who caused the accident tried to take advantage of the fact that Nancy received all of her medical treatment in New Jersey, where she lived. When the insurance company offered $6,100 to settle Nancy’s claim, Roger Tomalas went to New Jersey to take the depositions of Nancy’s doctors. After the depositions, the insurance company increased the offer to $15,000. The case proceeded to arbitration in California, and Nancy received an award of $189,000.

$320k Settlement for Medical Bills

Dean K. carried no medical insurance and was unable to return to work as a tile setter when he injured his leg after falling off the roof of his brother’s house. He received a settlement of $320,000, which allowed him to pay his medical bills and seek new employment.